Serving those in need

Give Thanks to the Lord and proclaim his greatness. Let the whole world know what he has done. 

 1Chronicles 16:8

About Us

Proclaim Ministries' Mission:   To support ministry opportunities through  missionaries and missionary organizations who serve unreached peoples, plant churches, and serve the orphans and widows fulfilling the Great Commission with God’s love.

Projects & Outreach Overview

As broad as our mission statement is, so is our vision for the projects and outreach.  Proclaim Ministries' vision is to provide support for Missionaries, Special Projects to Enhance Living Conditions, Orphanage Operations and Child Sponsorships, Reaching Unreached People Groups, Communication Programs for the Handicapped, Orphaned Children, and Planting of Churches.   The range of projects is always broad and multifaceted.  Each year we choose those areas of the Ministry that will be most impactful for the Missionaries and Children of In Step Children's Home.  

While In Step Children’s Home orphanage will remain a central focus, we will be exploring other ministry opportunities to serve and support those who do with Christ’s love and mercies. Some of these are mentioned in the mission statement.  Here is quick overview of our proposed focus for 2022.

Sending Missionaries to 

In Step Children's Home

Holding babies is one of the blessings

that we receive while serving in a variety of capacities at In step.

Updating the In Step Academy eLearning Computer Lab

In Step's very own K through 8 school has the only elementary school computer lab in the region.  eLearning For Kids donated 800 learning modules for all grades to participate.  The kids love it and so do the teachers because it provides reviews and supports their classroom learning.

Entry Drive and Parking 

Paving Project

The Project will cover the entire main entrance and drive areas that wrap around the campus Main House. Currently, this area is all uneven and rutted red clay. When it rains, as it does for 8 months each year, it turns into a sloppy, slippery, gooey mess. This translates to countless hours spent by the children and the staff cleaning shoes, clothes and floors to remove the red clay.

IRS Non-Profit Tax Exemption

It has been four months since Proclaim Ministries first began.  Initially we were recognized as an Arizona Non-Profit Corporation on May 18, 2021.  Next, we applied for the IRS Tax Exempt Status for an Charitable organization and it was granted 8/28/2021.  Having received our "Letter of Determination" from the IRS all  contributions to Proclaim Ministries will be tax exempt.